Waskesiu Outdoor Experiences Including Rentals, Retail, & Bike Services

The Grey Owl Center has been a focal point of Waskesiu tourism since it was founded in 1999.  We offer the opportunity for you and your family to connect with nature. We do this through our offerings, which include a variety of rentals, clothing & apparel sales, bike servicing and quadracycle experiences.

Founded by Bentley Crozier, and now jointly run by his son Branden, both are passionate about helping create the best experience possible for their community.

“We have something here that no other country has – it offers Canadians a dual existence: to walk city streets and paddle forest rivers” -Grey Owl

The Grey Owl Center builds upon the vision of Grey Owl himself, to experience nature with minimal disturbance.

We aim to lead by example, with respect for the land. The Grey Owl Center upholds environmentally friendly practices to ensure sustainable preservation of the park.  The aim is to maintain longevity of the unique opportunity to experience pristine beauty for many generations to come.


The Grey Owl Center is a community of outdoor enthusiasts with a sense of adventure and love of undisturbed wilderness.  We are experts of the area, and our team is happy to help facilitate your best experience while visiting the park.

We value conservation and take pride in doing our part to sustain the natural environment.


“Remember, you belong to Nature, not it to you” -Grey Owl

Grey Owl was one of the most influential spokespersons for the preservation of the wilderness in the area. He is also the inspiration behind The Grey Owl Center’s name.  As a true pioneer in conservation, Grey Owl’s vision was to establish wildlife sanctuaries throughout the North.  He drew the world’s attention to the importance of the preservation of nature, having been heavily influenced by first Nations Culture.


Grey Owl’s conservation movements and stories drew popularity internationally.  He was one of the best-known Canadian authors of his day, and wrote three best selling books.

The passion of wilderness protection and philosophy documented in his writings led Grey Owl on a journey to be hired as Prince Albert National Park’s first conservationist.

The cabin he built in the 1930s still stands in Prince Albert National Park today, which is where he lived to the end of his days. The hike to Grey Owl’s Cabin has established itself as a prominent trail and tourist attraction in Saskatchewan.  The trip to Grey Owl’s cabin is much more than a hike. It is a way to experience Grey Owl’s message of conservation through a connection with nature.  To this day, Grey Owl’s philosophy and vision for sustainability lives strong through the Waskesiu community, and the Grey Owl Center.

“I want to arouse in the Canadian people a sense of responsibility they have for the north country and its inhabitants, humans and animals”

-Grey Owl

Community Involvement

The Grey Owl Center has proudly been a contributor to the Waskesiu community since it was founded.

The Grey Owl Center continually supports local Waskesiu initiatives, events and non-profits.  We are also known for the creation of our own unique events throughout the year.

We are committed to being a prominent voice for the continued preservation and goodwill of the park.  We do this through supporting and demonstrating eco-friendly practices.

“The Feel of a canoe gunnel at the thigh,
The Splash of Flying Spray in the Face
The Calm and Silent Presence of the trees
The trust and confidence of small living creatures
These have been my inspiration and my guide
Without them I am nothing”

-Grey Owl



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