Waiver and Equipment Rental Agreement Registration
Welcome to the Grey Owl Center, “Helping you Discover your True Nature” since 1999.
Positive visitor experience is essential to us!
No I.D or Credit Cards are needed to rent from us!
We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our waiver and equipment rental agreement below.
Important Notice
  • All adults 18 years of age and older must complete their own waiver.
  • Minors, 17 years of old and younger must be recorded on their Guardian’s registration.
  • If you do not “clearly” understand equipment operating instructions, please notify any of our staff immediately, prior to leaving on your adventure.
  • For safety purposes, passing your rental equipment off to family and friends to use is not permitted.
  • All users must be included on waiver and have had proper equipment instructions from Grey Owl representative.
  • Prior cycling knowledge (experience) is recommended for those wanting to rent e-bikes.
  • Prior knowledge (experience) of marine safety including proper fitting of life jackets (pfd’s) etc. is recommended for those wanting to rent marine equipment.
  • Minimum height requirements to operate the Biktrix Hub Duo e-bike, is 1.65 m (5 foot 4 inches).
The Grey Owl Center is creating a Loyal Customer Program, which will have customer many benefits.
Once we launch this program, would you be interested in hearing about it?