About Us

We started our rental business in Waskesiu in 1999. Bill Locke contacted us and invited us up to take a look.
We were originally located in Glady’s Big Olaf building.

The renovations to this building to accommodate the Grey Owl Center were mostly done with recycled materials including the: metal studs, all plumbing fixtures, all doors, counters, water heaters, 90 % of the wiring, kitchen cabinets in our attached residence, toilet and paper towel dispensers, and much more.

Bentley Crozier, the manager of the Grey Owl center has always been environmentally conscious, going back to his days of farming in Biggar, SK when he always recycled his oil and filters before it became a mainstream practise.

Today at the Grey Owl center we recycle: all of our bottles and cans, our cardboard and rags, which we put into the recycle bins located within the town site, our metal from spray cans cables etc ,which we currently deliver to B and N Metal in Saskatoon.

Walmart graciously accepts our recycled items even though we are not required to pay an environmental fee on our tires at time of purchase, which means Walmart earns nothing for this service.Whenever possible we both donate and purchase from the Restore, Salvation Army and Value Village.

Grey Owl Center Outside
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Grey Owl Center